Studio Bloom by Shelley

Welcome to Studio Bloom by Shelley. You might recognize me from my previous photography business Shelley Jensen Photography. To bloom means to grow into something beautiful, it's a time of development; a time to grow and flourish. So, after much thought and a drive for a new direction and exciting changes, Shelley Jensen Photography has  "bloomed"  into Studio Bloom by Shelley.

Throughout the years, I've been invited to capture some of the most cherished and important times in the lives of my clients and friends. What a wonderful job I have to document the love between family members, the laughter of children, the first steps of babies, the excitement of graduates, the hand-holding and kisses of engagements, and celebrations. I thank God every single day that he gave me this talent. It has filled my heart over and over again. Thank you for trusting me to capture moments in your lives and I hope that when you look at the images, you can re-live the occasion, hear the laughter, embrace the memories, feel the moments....and smile.